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Avantes will show its new AvaSpec-Hero spectrometer, giving high resolution and high sensitivity measurements. It has USB3 and Ethernet interfaces, and a cooled back-thinned detector with low noise. It is the instrument of choice for demanding applications including fluorescence, Raman, absorption and other forms of spectroscopy.

The instrument is equipped with TE Cooling, enabling long integration times in low light applications. In conjunction with Avantes’ AS7010 electronics, including a high-end AD convertor, noise is kept to a minimum, which offers an excellent signal-to-noise and dynamic range performance. 

A selection of gratings and replaceable slits means the instrument can be configured for a wide range of applications in the 200-1,160nm range. This high-end spectrometer will be an uncompromising tool, enabling users to perform measurements accurately in a wide variety of applications.