Berliner Glas

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At this year’s Laser World of Photonics, the Berliner Glas Group will present its industry-specific solutions.
The use of light allows for rapid and gentle therapies in the medicine field. With its optical systems, the Berliner Glas Group is pushing reliable new systems in medical technology.
The company provides, among other things, beam guidance systems and zoomable lenses for ophthalmology, products for the entire visualisation in the surgery room, high-resolution multiple chip prism assemblies, endoscopes and autoclavable fixed focal length lenses for endoscopes as well as lens systems, broadband lenses, microscope lenses and laser modules for the area of life sciences.
In addition to healthcare, mobility and networking are two additional megatrends for which the Berliner Glas Group provides optical solutions. This includes highly complex assemblies that enable laser communication in space, and thus the exchange of enormous quantities of data in near real time, customer-specific chucks, precise structural components, reference mirrors as well as stages and optical modules that ensure the highest yields in high-performance chip manufacturing, as well as key optical components such as aspheres and cylinder lenses that are used in laser material processing, image processing and quality management.
In hall B1, at booth 507, interested people can come by and learn more about these and other solutions from the Berliner Glas Group.