Boston Micromachines

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At booth 440 Boston Micromachines will be exhibiting its deformable mirrors and optical modulator products, including its new 648-5.5 deformable mirror which has 648 actuators, 5.5µm stroke and high speed wavefront control and correction capabilities.

Also on display will be the firm’s Modulating RetroReflector, which is capable of passively returning light from an interrogating laser source and modulating its intensity for free space laser communication. The current Modulating RetroReflector system has been demonstrated at a rate of 200kbps in the near IR wavelength range with switching speeds as low as 3µs. Higher data rates are in development.

Boston Micromachines is a provider of MEMS-based deformable mirrors and optical modulator products, as well as advanced imaging systems. By altering the wavefront, Boston Micromachines’ devices can be used in a variety of applications including microscopy, astronomy, vision science, beam shaping and free space laser communication. Boston Micromachines offers standard components, instruments and custom research products.