CEA-Leti (booth 857A)

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Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, will present five invited papers, 21 in total (20 oral papers and 1 poster), at Photonics West. In addition, its teams will introduce the institute’s latest transfer-ready solutions for all-wavelength imaging, information display systems, light-emissive components, optical data communications, optical sensors, and other advances at the French Pavilion during the event.

CEA-Leti’s multidisciplinary optics-and-photonics teams will demonstrate their advances in several technologies, including: NeoLed, compact, low-cost and long-lifespan, distributed-switch LEDs; LensFree, an imaging technology for point-of-care analysis and pathology screening; LiFi-multicell, a smart orchestrator for interference-free li-fi networks; Pixcurve, technology that makes imaging or photographic products lighter and more compact; Photonic sensors, toward low-cost on-chip chemical sensors; Silicon photonics, design, manufacturing, testing and packaging solutions.

In addition, Scintil, a startup of CEA-Leti, will present its silicon photonic circuits with wafer-level integrated lasers at the booth.