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Cilas, a French Company with a 50 years expertise in lasers and optronics, will present its new products in adaptive optics and thin film coatings, for space, astronomy and high tech industry markets.

Cilas is proud to present various solutions for wavefront correction thanks to the latest developments on the monomorph deformable mirrors product line: mirrors dedicated to high power laser facilities operating during the laser shots to maintain a perfect focusing of the beam, mirrors dedicated to astronomical ground-based telescopes used also as a key component for free space optical communications, and now, mirrors for the new generation of spaceborne instrumentation.

In addition to Cilas expertise for manufacturing custom complex optical components, discover also the amazing coating capabilities of Cilas, its large magnetron sputtering platform. A wide range of coatings are available: mirrors, AR, absorbing coatings on optics up to 2 by 2m. 

Visit Cilas at booth B3.240/6.