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Cobolt, a Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, will show a range of new products at Photonics West and BiOS. Targeting the Raman spectroscopy market, Cobolt will announce a new wavelength in its 08-01 series of lasers. The Cobolt 08-NLD 405nm is a frequency stabilised, narrow line-width laser diode with up to 30mW power and including an integrated optical isolator.

Targeting Raman spectroscopy, interferometry and particle analysis applications, the Cobolt Fandango is now available with higher powers of 300mW. The laser cavity design provides ultra-low noise, single frequency performance with intrinsically excellent wavelength stability and immunity to optical feedback.

Cobolt has added a 553nm wavelength version for its 06-01 series. The laser has an output power up to 50mW and can be modulated at up to 5kHz, ideal for fluorescence imaging and analysis applications in life sciences.