Delta Optical Thin Film (booth 3264; Bios 8264)

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Delta Optical Thin Film will be showing its range of Circular Variable Filters - interference narrow bandpass filters deposited on circular substrates. Film thickness, and therefore the wavelength of peak transmittance varies linearly and continuously with angular position on the segment. They are ideally suited as monochromators in compact, non-dispersive spectrometers or with supercontinuum lasers, providing medium spectral resolution, or when information is desired at several specific wavelengths in the relevant spectral range.

The filters can be manufactured in any wavelength range from 400nm up to 14.3µm in the infrared. The specific wavelength at which the radiation is transmitted by the segment is selected by appropriately positioning it on the optical beam. Segment rotation, in a way that the beam traces a circumferential path on it, provides a continuous scan of its complete wavelength range. A spectral resolution element size on the CVF varies between 1 and 2mm.