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Emberion (hall A2, booth 113/3) will introduce a cost-competitive nanomaterial-based linear array sensor for visible to shortwave infrared spectral range designed primarily for spectrometers. The 512 pixel VIS-SWIR linear array provides consistent responsivity with very low noise over a broad (400-1,800 nm) spectral range in room temperature operation and offers a cost-effective solution for SWIR detection.

The dynamic range of the sensor is very large owing to its low noise and non-saturating response characteristics. The sensor comprises a detector array monolithically built on a tailor-made CMOS readout integrated circuit and it provides digital data output with up to 16 bits resolution.  The sensor is designed primarily for spectrometry applications but other potential applications lie in line scan imaging and machine vision areas. Beyond the linear array product introduced, Emberion will offer VIS-SWIR VGA imagers in 2020 and is also developing thermal detectors.