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Excelitas Technologies will be debuting Qioptiq’s Closed-Loop Modulation (CLM) feature for the iFLEX-iRIS and iFLEX-Gemini laser systems at booth 1031. The innovative CLM feature provides modulation capabilities without the need for recalibration, combined with ultra-low noise and high-power stability performance over the laser lifetime. It is ideal for biomedical imaging and metrology applications where repeatable performance and low signal-to-noise ratio are required.

Unlike traditional open-loop laser modulation, the iFLEX CLM maintains consistent output during both continuous-wave and modulated operation. The CLM feature enables analogue, digital and dual-mode modulation for reliable stability from 0.1 per cent to 100 per cent power and maximum repeatability for ultra-stable performance. IFLEX Lasers with CLM are also ultra-low noise in terms of RMS, RIN and periodic noise. They offer precision adjustment at all output power levels for applications where a stable, ultra-low noise source will improve signal-to noise ratio and data consistency over time.