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Excelitas Technologies

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Excelitas Technologies will highlight several new high-performance optoelectronics products, including surface mount 905nm pulsed semiconductor lasers. Featuring an ultra-compact, surface mount-compatible design, these lasers offer high beam placement accuracy at a competitive cost. The lasers can emit light either perpendicularly or in-parallel to the mounting plane for high-volume commercial applications, including lidar, time-of-flight, range finding, safety light curtains, adaptive cruise control, and laser therapy.

The pulsed semiconductor lasers produce very high optical pulses centred at a wavelength of 905nm. The laser diode chip is mounted on an FR4 leadless laminate carrier (LLC) substrate and encapsulated to give excellent thermal management. The encapsulate material is a moulded epoxy resin for low-cost and high-volume manufacturing.

Key features include multi-cavity lasers for concentrating emitting source size, quantum well structure, high peak pulsed power into the aperture, excellent power stability, and RoHS compliance.