Femto Easy

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Femto Easy, a developer of robust and reliable measurement devices for temporal and spectral characterisation of ultrafast lasers, will display its ultra compact row optical correlator (ROC) autocorrelator and its Fast Frog. The ROC autocorrelator offers exceptional ease of use and accurate measurements. No calibration or tweaking is required. The devices are compact and transportable.

Available in several wavelengths and pulse durations, other advantages include: ultrashort pulses down to five femtoseconds; single shot measurements up to 200kHz; broad spectral range (450-2,000nm for the broadband model); suitable for any rep rate (from the Hz to the GHz); and large range of input energy (from 50pJ to 2mJ).

Users will find that Fast Frog’s key design features, such as a monolithic wavefront divider and a mini imaging spectrometer, make it very easy to use, while providing a high level of accuracy. Six models are available to cover a broad spectral range and a broad pulse duration range from sub-5 fs pulse to 5 ps. ​