Gentec Electro-Optics

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Gentec Electro-Optics will demonstrate its new solution for measuring the quality of a laser beam. With the Beamage-M2 system, M2 measurements are taken directly in Gentec's software, which controls both the acquisition and the calculations. An easy step-by-step procedure is clearly indicated directly in the software and allows the user to get ISO-compliant M2 measurements in less than a minute.

Features include: automated translation stage - 200mm of travel for 400mm of beam path variation; 50mm (2 inch) optics - less aberrations and more flexibility; two external beam-steering mirrors for easy alignment; set of three lenses included to cover a broad range of lasers; three ND filters mounted in-line on a flip-mount for eight different levels of attenuation; and intuitive software that is fully compliant with the ISO-11146 standard. 

Gentec will also unveil its new generation of portable laser probes with touchscreen control. The already popular Pronto series now features models for High Power measurements up to 10,000W and energy measurements up to 350J for IPL.