Hübner Photonics

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At booth 214, hall 2, Hübner Photonics, with the Cobolt product line, will highlight the addition of 633nm and 785nm single transverse mode (STM) to its 08-01 series. The addition of these wavelengths aims to secure the market position as a major supplier of all laser wavelengths to the high resolution Raman market.

Continuing to address the fluorescence microscopy market, Hübner Photonics introduces a variation of the Cobolt multi-line laser, the Cobolt Skyra. With 457nm, 488nm and 51nm, permanently aligned in a single compact package, the three line Cobolt Skyra becomes a simple drop in replacement to the older generation of Argon ion gas lasers, thereby potentially extending the life of older fluorescence based systems in life science research.