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Hamamatsu will be introducing its new range of silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs), including peak-shifted multi-pixel photon counters (MPPCs) and modules, hole wire bonding MPPCs, the fourth generation of its VUV-MPPC (VUV4) and a new high voltage power supply which is optimised specifically for the firm’s comprehensive line-up. These MPPCs feature a new structure which significantly enhances sensitivity in the NIR region, making them ideal for applications such as industrial lidar applications, distance measurement, radiation monitoring and medical imaging.

Following its acquisition of Energetiq, Hamamatsu will also be displaying an ultra-high brightness, high stability broadband laser driven light source (LDLS) designed specifically for demanding imaging and spectroscopy applications.

Visitors to booth C01 will also be able to see a demonstration of Hamamatsu’s PocketNIRS, a near-infrared tissue oxygenation monitor with wireless data communication function that can measure the concentration change of haemoglobin non-invasively. This ability will be demonstrated by using measured changes in haemoglobin to control a car on a race track.