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The new iC-HN device family from iC-Haus is suitable for extremely fast control of laser diodes with short pulses of down to only two nanoseconds. Possible fields of laser applications for the iC-HN family include optical image recognition and object detection, as well as applications in robotics, lidar, and augmented and virtual reality.

Having only eight ports and a small 3mm DFN package, the iC-HN family best meets the requirements for a space-saving and highly integrated layout of laser control electronics.

The permissible supply voltage of the laser diodes can be as high as 30V. The laser driver iC can therefore also be used for a free and flexible circuitry of several or different laser diodes. The current setting of up to 2.8A is generated via a control voltage input, which in turn can be controlled by an LVDS signal with short pulses up to 2ns.