ID Quantique

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ID Quantique will be launching two new products at the show, its Time Controller  and an extension to its ID280 series detection system. 

The Time controller is designed for flexibility; it quickly solves a large number of problems encountered in the laboratory for single-photon counting applications. Its core consists of four high-speed (<20 ps precision, 100 Mcps rate) inputs and 4 high-speed outputs, interconnected by reconfigurable logic. The Time Controller performs the functions of a number of devices: time-to-digital converter, coincidence counter, delay generator, pattern generator, counter and discriminator.

ID Quantique is glad to extend its ID280 series detection system. The new cryocooling system can go down to 0.8K. The cryocooler is combined with high performance electronics and reliable MoSi superconducting nanowire detectors. The complete system offers impressive performances like quantum efficiencies higher than 70 per cent, count rate up to 15MHz, dark counts <100Hz, jitter below 50ps and no afterpulsing.

The complete system is plug and play and includes: cryocooler, stable adjustable bias current source, amplification stage, discriminator and counter. The device can be controlled through the included software or through the provided LabView VI.