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II-VI will showcase its laser solutions portfolio, including laser components, thermoelectric modules, and epitaxial wafers. A new 18W laser diode chip for fibre laser pumping will be presented. The 190μm wide chip is designed for coupling into 200μm fibres. It is available at 915, 940 and 976nm. A further addition to the portfolio is the 1W 1,060nm super luminescence spectra seed module for pulsed fibre lasers operating in the 5 to 500ns regime.

Highlights of the presented fibre-coupled diode laser product line include a high-power platform, as well as a newly released wavelength-stabilised platform. The high power diode laser module generates up to 300W of output power. It can be used as a standalone laser or to pump kilowatt-class fibre lasers. The new wavelength-stabilised module delivers up to 20W of output power to enable high-performance pulsed fibre lasers, ultrafast fibre lasers and lasers for supercontinuum applications.

II-VI will unveil its first commercially available actively cooled laser bar with 100:1 polarisation purity, emitting 200W of CW power with 60 per cent efficiency and at 880nm wavelength to optically pump neodymium-doped solid-state lasers. The recently released 170W CW-power passively cooled bars and the 250W actively cooled 9xx/10xx nm bars will also be showcased.

The company will showcase its new acousto-optic Q-switch (AOQS) and radio frequency (RF) driver for diode pump solid state lasers (DPSSL). This product is the result of its vertically integrated capabilities including crystal growth, coating, transducer manufacturing and bonding technology. II-VI’s high efficiency, high reliability AOQS/RF drivers are currently available at 40.68MHz and 80MHz.

II-VI will present a PM fibre-coupled visible lasers with >100:1 polarisation extinction ratio, ultra-low noise and high power stability from a few milliwatts to 150mW, at 488nm, 520nm, 532nm and 637nm. These lasers are ideal for life sciences and biomedical applications, such as particle sizing as well as for a variety of industrial applications.