Imec (booth 3189; Bios 8137)

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The Imec Technology Forum Photonics (ITF Photonics) will take place on 3 February at the SF Marriott. Co-organised with SPIE, the conference will focus on the versatility of integrated silicon photonics technology – integrating optical and electronic circuits – enabling a new generation of compact, smart and easy to use devices with a broad potential for cloud computing, datacentres, 3D sensing, artificial intelligence, healthcare, agriculture, food analysis and more.

Some highlights from Imec's booth include disposable silicon-photonics biosensor chips, jointly developed with Genalyte for use in its diagnostic and molecular detection equipment. The chips combine Imec’s standard silicon photonic waveguide devices with bio-compatible modifications developed by Imec and Genalyte. These chips allow for high levels of multiplexed biosensing due to the high integration level of Si photonics. Pol Van Dorpe, scientific director for life science technologies at Imec will be available to discuss this application further.