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Ingeneric will for the first time present its new micro-optics module ‘C-SMDB’, developed for the collimation of single-mode diode bars. The new monolithic cylindrical lens array achieves high degrees of collimation and is effectively double-sided, as the entry side collimates the slow axis of the emitted light, and the exit side collimates the fast axis.

The new array has a design wavelength of 970nm. The effective focal length of the fast-axis collimation is 600μm with a numerical aperture of 0.8, the effective focal length of the slow-axis collimation is 190μm, and the pitch of the slow-axis collimation is 48μm. There are 200 lens elements on each part. The result is a back focal length of 179µm.

Ingeneric is also exhibiting its beamPROP 200 beam-shaping optics, a lens array that adjusts the beam parameter product of the fast and slow axis of high-power diode lasers. It is a key component for the fibre coupling of diode bars and for dense wavelength multiplexing.