ISP System

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ISP System, a maker of high-precision mechanic and mechatronic equipment for intense lasers and for application in aerospace, automotive, defense, medical and nuclear markets, among others, will exhibit several products at booth B3 336.

  • Electro-mechanical deformable mirrors offering excellent wavefront correction quality even for large beams. Advantages include suppressing the risk of hot spots occurring due to electro-magnetic pulses, and the possibility of easily exchanging the coated membrane
  • Motorised gimbal tip-tilt mounts for adjusting the position of the optics used for beam transport (laser alignment). As the mount stiffness is very high, it provides very good pointing stability to the laser. They are compatible with high vacuum
  • Micro-positioning stages for adjusting the position of the optics inside industrial lasers. Their compactness enables easy integration in the laser, rendering them highly competitive as OEM parts