Laser Components

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Laser Components will exhibit its range of photonic components, both products manufactured by one of its four factories and those by its partner suppliers. These components can be divided into three groups: light sources, optics and fibres, and detectors; electronic drivers and amplifiers are also available. The equipment covers wavelengths from FUV to FIR, i.e. circa 194nm to 20µm.

Products on display include: Count single photon counting modules (<10 photons); electro-optical modulators (LiNbO3); infrared detectors (pyroelectric, lead-salt, and thermopile); laser diode modules (including Ø3.3mm); laser optics including high LDT coatings; laser safety curtains, goggles and screens; narrow line width lasers (500Hz); optical amplifiers (CW Yt, Er, Th, and pulsed Er); fibre lasers (CW Yt, Raman, Er, Th, BB, and pulsed: UV, green, Yt, Er, Th); optical filters (SWP, LWP, NBP, and NBW); optomechanical hardware; position sensing detectors; silicon and InGaAs APDs and PIN photodiodes; UV LEDs (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C); and UV photodiodes (SiC, UV enhanced Si).

Applications include: non-contact temperature measurements; gas analysis in medical, automotive and petroleum industries; hazard control; and horizon sensors for scientific and space sectors.