Laser Components

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With the SPAD2L192, Laser Components now also offers a solid-state CMOS sensor for flash lidar applications. With a resolution of 192 x 2 pixels, the single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array offers very high sensitivity and high temporal resolution. The noise is below 50cps. The in-pixel time-to-digital converter, which features a temporal resolution of 312.5ps and a scale value of 1.28μs, enables a nominal range of up to 192m at a resolution of 4.7cm. The distance measurement is based on the first-photon, direct ToF principle.

The arrays in flash lidar applications do not capture just one point like they do in classic lidar. Each individual pixel provides position information. In the SPAD array presented here, the sensor and evaluation electronics have been mounted on the same chip for the first time, thus the array takes up very little space.