Laser Components (booth 449)

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Laser Components will exhibit the Albalux FM white light module. With a fibre-guided continuous-wave luminous flux of over 150 lumens, the Albalux FM white light laser module allows precise, high-contrast illumination even in areas that are difficult to access. This opens up new possibilities in endoscopy, surgical headlamps, and 3D image processing. In addition to brightness, its precise beam guidance and sharp beam edges are also impressive. The compact housing of the plug-and-play module contains specially developed electronics for safe control of the light source. Despite its high optical performance, AlbaluxFM has low power consumption.

The light source is the innovative laser light technology from SLD Laser. Two semi-polar blue GaN laser diodes (450nm) illuminate a phosphorus chip, producing a brilliant, incoherent white light that is more than ten times brighter than the brightest white LEDs available.