Laser Quantum

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The venteon ultra laser system from Laser Quantum provides an integrated DPSS pump laser in a novel monolithic housing. It is designed and optimised to offer the shortest available pulse durations, delivering >240mW of sub-5.5fs short laser pulses directly out of the box (>3nJ at 80MHz repetition rate), with a spectral bandwidth ranging from 600nm to 1,200nm (at -10dBc) translating to sub-5fs FTL. Due to this octave spanning output spectrum, the venteon ultra can be used for direct CEP stabilisation without any additional spectral broadening.

The venteon ultra is an ideal laser for two photon microscopy due to its ultra-short pulses and broad spectral output, making it able to excite multiple fluorophores without tuning.

Visit Laser Quantum on the Novanta booth 731 to find out more about the venteon ultra.