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The German coating expert Laseroptik will present atomic layer deposition (ALD) as its latest coating method at the show. ALD is a chemical vapour coating technique that has recently been adapted for precision laser optics to provide highly uniform multilayer coatings on complex substrates like prisms, axicons, tubes or hemispheres. While the main advantage is their shape-independent uniformity, ALD coatings also have a remarkable potential for high coating design precision,  low defect density and good spectral performance. 

As with their other methods, Laseroptik offers ALD coatings ranging from UV to IR. Dr Wolfgang Ebert, Laseroptik’s president, will present more background on the capabilities of ALD and its application for laser optical coatings in a talk given at the Photonics Forum in hall B3 on June 27th 2017, starting at 12:00. 

In addition, the company will release its 2017 catalogue at the show, which covers all relevant laser optics and coatings for laser manufacturers and R&D. It provides a comprehensive overview of available coatings and laser optics as well as tutorials about what is technically possible in the ‎field of thin-film technology and laser optics