MIRPHAB pilot line for MIR sensing

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MIRPHAB, a European Commission project to create a pilot line to fabricate mid-infrared (MIR) sensors by 2020, will exhibit at Photonics West on booth 5037.

MIRPHAB will offer design, production and business planning for companies developing laser-based, analytical MIR sensors for chemical sensing and spectroscopy. The pilot line will combine sources, photonic circuits and detectors in standard packaging.

The platform is organised so that development of novel sensors and sensing systems is based on MIR integrated optic components and modules already incorporated in MIRPHAB’s portfolio.

The programme is accepting proposals from companies that want to develop and prototype new MIR devices.

‘European industry requires more efficient control processes to gain greater productivity and operational efficiency, and this project will deliver the devices required to improve those processes,’ explained CEA-Leti’s Sergio Nicoletti, who is coordinating the project.

MIRPHAB will develop sensor technology that provides novel analytical tools for companies to help improve people’s overall quality of life. This could be through environmental monitoring, such as for measuring volatile organic compounds; food quality control; and fast clinical diagnoses. These are some of the areas where MIR sensors can play a role.

In addition to providing device design services for customers, the MIRPHAB team will help them develop sound business cases and strong business plans to commercialise new technology. Potential cost and performance breakthroughs will be shown for reliable MIR sensing products based on building blocks provided by MIRPHAB.

MIRPHAB will also be a sustainable source of key components for new MIR sensors.