Nanosystec (booth 5444)

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Nanosystec will demonstrate a new version of its proven Rapido selective laser soldering source.  

Selective laser soldering is the ideal method for attaching wires and other small components to miniature circuit boards. The strongly confined heat distribution at the solder spot avoids heating of neighboring components. The duration and intensity of the optical energy applied to the solder point can be extremely well controlled.

The emitting wavelength in the blue spectral range of the Rapido works perfectly with gold-coated parts, preforms and solder paste. The efficient absorption of the laser energy enhances the process stability compared to standard sources working in the near infrared range. Consequently, even less power leads to a faster soldering process with the Rapido-450.

The optional collinear temperature measurement (CTM) measures the temperature precisely in the solder spot and allows for closed-loop operation. As the dimension of the measurement spot is defined by the focusing optics of the laser beam, the temperature value is precisely limited to the solder spot. An integrated camera provides a picture of the solder spot which simplifies process control via machine vision algorithms. 

Knowing the temperature of the solder spot is of advantage for process development and quality assurance. Combining the temperature values with the CCD picture is essential for quality control.