Ocean Optics

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At its booth, Ocean Optics will exhibit its Flame-Chem spectrophotometers. These combine a high performance, compact Flame UV-Vis (200-850nm) or Vis-NIR (350-1,000nm) spectrometer, with a direct-attach light source and cuvette holder, in a single, affordable package. Flame-Chem systems are ideal for absorbance and transmission measurements in research facilities and teaching labs. Free educational curricula are available for use with the systems.

Flame-Chem’s direct-attach cuvette holders accept 1cm pathlength cuvettes for measuring absorbance and transmission of liquid samples. The UV-Vis systems come with a combined deuterium-tungsten halogen (200-1,100nm) source, whereas a tungsten halogen source with a violet LED (~390-1,000nm) is supplied with the Vis-NIR systems. 

The systems can be customised easily, providing flexibility as measurement needs change. The light source-cuvette holder can be removed; spectrometer entrance slits can be switched out to adjust resolution and throughput; and discrete sampling devices can be used in place of the direct-attach accessories.