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Omniscan will be highlighting three of its products at booth F21. The firm is a supplier of optical three-dimensional surface and shape measurement systems, as well as thin-film characterisation solutions.

Firstly, the firm’s new Profilm3D will be shown, which is an ideal non-contact optical profiler for quantitative measurements of 3D form and roughness. Its compact design provides fast, accurate, nanometre-level metrology in an affordable, cost-effective package. The free web-based ProfilmOnline data viewer also allows users to store, share, view and analyse 3D data on a PC, tablet or phone.

Secondly, the new Gocator range of optical line-scan and area-scan measurement systems will also be displayed, which offers features from scalpel blade edge sharpness to road surface topography. With its non-contact, DLP technology, the Gocator range can perform measurements within seconds.

Lastly, the µPG101 will be presented, an affordable, high-resolution table-top direct write system that is the perfect solution for the prototyping of MEMS, integrated optics, micro fluids, lab-on-a-chip devices and any other applications that require high precision, high resolution microstructures.