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BeamWatch is a non-contact beam monitoring system for high power YAG, fibre, and diode lasers used in industrial material processing applications. Unlike conventional measurement systems that place a probe in the beam, causing potential damage and slowing the measurement process by up to two minutes, BeamWatch measures the Rayleigh scatter of the beam, so there is no contact. This means no power restrictions. The system has been successfully used on high power lasers up to 100kW.

A lightweight, compact system, it measures key beam size, position, and quality parameters, including focus spot size, waist width, and beam propagation parameter (M2).  BeamWatch features high magnification optics that dynamically measure beams with spot sizes down to 55µm. This allows for instant readings and, therefore, rapid correction of large area cosine changes. This means smaller, higher accuracy welds and cuts, and reduced variability across parts.