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Ophir will demonstrate how users can measure critical beam parameters in industrial environments at high power levels with Ophir BeamWatch Integrated. The solution was developed for the use in automated production lines and is based on Ophir’s non-contact laser measurement technology.

BeamWatch Integrated accurately captures and analyses focal spot data of industrial lasers for wavelengths from 980nm to 1,080nm. The system provides real-time measurements of focused laser beams with a power density that is too high for traditional measurement devices. Beam parameters measured in real time include focus spot width and location, focal shift, centroid, M2, divergence, beam parameter product, Rayleigh length, beam tilt angle, and absolute power.

Because there is no contact with the focused beam, there is no wear on the instrument nor does the instrument temper with the measurement, making the system ideal for 24/7 production use. Fast measurement times allow the laser beam to be checked automatically during the loading/unloading phase.