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PicoQuant will showcase its latest innovations in turn-key versatile picosecond pulsed laser solutions. The highlights include the green emitting fibre amplified laser head LDH-P-FA-560, several new modules from the VisIR/VisUV platform, and the FLIMbee galvo scanner add-on for the MicroTime 200.

The 560nm light pulses provided by the LDH-P-FA laser head is optimally suited for the excitation of commonly used molecular probes in bioanalytics, biochemistry, genetics. The VisIR/VisUV platform line-up has been rounded out in the green and NIR spectral ranges with the new models VisUV-1064, VisUV-532-HP, VisIR-1530, and VisIR-1530-HP. These picosecond pulsed laser devices are well suited for application requiring higher laser powers such as, for example, lidar or in-situ Raman spectroscopy. The FLIMbee galvo scanner add-on provides the MicroTime 200 time-resolved confocal microscope with an outstanding flexibility in scanning speed, ranging from very slow to fast, while maintaining excellent spatial precision. Booth 216, hall B2.