Princeton Instruments

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Visit the Princeton Instruments booth to demo the new Fergie spectroscopy system - a compact, fully integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector. Its ecosystem includes lasers, fiber optics, calibration sources, light-coupling cubes and powerful software that allow researchers and educators to set up complete experiments in minutes.

Princeton will also introduce the SpectraPro HRS 300 spectrograph. Additionally, it will show the new Kuro, the first scientific CMOS camera to implement back-illuminated sensor technology with powerful software.

Don’t forget to ask about Princeton Instruments’ NIRvana SWIR scientific-grade InGaAs cameras, PI-MAX4 ICCD cameras and ProEM HS high-speed EMCCD cameras, as well as IsoPlane aberration-free spectrographs.