Pro-Lite Technology

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Pro-Lite Technology will be exhibiting a wide array of products at the show.

Visit booth E01 to see: The latest imaging photometers and colorimeters from Westboro Photonics; High quality hyper- and multi-spectral imaging cameras from HySpex, Cubert and Surface Optics including a new multimodal snapshot spectral and polarisation imager with video-rate acquisition and processing; The latest in miniature spectrophotometers and radiometers from Admesy, Jeti and Ocean Optics; Uniform light sources from LabSphere designed to meet demanding testing challenges in hyperspectral, multispectral, SWIR and VIS-NIR optical regimes; and high-throughput spectrometers for Raman, fluorescence, UV/VIS and NIR spectroscopy based on volume phase gratings from Wasatch Photonics.

Also on display at the booth: A new modular LED light source from In Tandem Designs with interchangeable single and multi-LED modules; Advanced motion systems and piezo motor/drive components from Nanomotion; Holographic light shaping diffusers and micro optics from Luminit for the lighting, display, automotive, and high-tech industries; Laser protection from LaserVision, and information on laser safety training courses.