Rogers’ Power Electronics Solutions group

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Rogers’ Power Electronics Solutions (PES) group will be showcasing its Curamik cooling solutions at the show. Curamik CoolPerformance Plus is an advanced liquid-cooled material designed to dissipate large amounts of heat and provide reliable thermal management of high-power laser diodes and other heat-generating optical devices.

The coolers feature several layers of pure copper, taking advantage of its excellent thermal conductivity. The copper foils are formed into hermetic, three-dimensional microchannel or macrochannel water-cooled structures capable of dissipating large amounts of heat in small areas.

The new CoolPerformance Plus products feature the addition of aluminium-nitride (AlN) isolation layers to proven Curamik CoolPerformance copper cooling structures. The ceramic AlN layers separate the cooling water channels from the electrical contacts of laser diodes. They also provide a close match in coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), in the range of 6 to 7ppm/K, between the copper cooling structures and high-power ceramic laser diode packages for improved reliability even at high power levels.

The coolers provide effective thermal management for laser diodes operating at power levels of 200W or more. They are well suited for applications in industrial, medical, and research applications, for thermal management of high-power laser diodes and diode-pumped lasers.