Ross Optical Industries

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Ross Optical Industries, a provider of precision OEM lenses and engineering services, will feature large diameter lenses and other hard-to-find optics for various applications at the show.

Large diameter optics are critical for precision instruments such as telescopes and imagers. Ross Optical offers a wide range of achromats, plano-convex lenses and other catalogue optics above 100mm, sourced through a reliable global network of optical manufacturers. The company can also create custom lenses for systems such as projectors, spotlights, enlargers, magnifiers, telescopes, collimators and condensers.

In addition to large optics, Ross Optical offers a full range of standard-size lenses, as well as micro optics down to 1mm for compact medical devices, hand-held communication devices and other systems.

Ross Optical also offers a variety of in-house services including lens and systems design, a full range of optical coatings down to 220nm, test, inspection and QA.