Sensofar (booth 3251)

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Sensofar will exhibit the S neox, a high-performance non-contact 3D optical profiler microscope system purposely designed for sub-nano, nano and micro-scale measurement, with advanced inspection and analysis capabilities.

The S neox is an excellent optical 3D profiling microscope in terms of design, functionality, efficiency and performance. Above all, the most impressive feature to highlight is the speed. Everything is faster with new smart and unique algorithms. Standard measurement acquisition is 5X faster than before, making the S neox the fastest areal measurement system in the market.

The S neox design has been improved in terms of flexibility, stability and durability required for both R&D and QC laboratories. The Sensofar’s 3-in-1 technologies approach found in the S neox sensor head – confocal, interferometry, Ai focus variation (new) – contributes critically to the versatility of the system and help to minimise undesirable compromises in the data acquisition.