Sill Optics

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F-Theta lenses are important in material processing applications like cutting, welding, ablation and many more. They are designed to focus laser beams down on a plane scan area with a consistent spot size. Additionally they are available at various focal lengths from UV to IR and some even with telecentricity.

Sill Optics presents the S4LFT4125/075 for lasers with ultraviolet. The scan area has been improved from 35.0 x 35.0mm up to 50.5 x 50.5mm compared to the previous model. Despite the higher focal length a focal diameter of 8 µm (1/e²) can be reached inside the whole scan area with a 10 mm input beam diameter. According our high quality and performance, this lens is made of fused silica, is without internal or external back reflection focus points and furthermore diffraction limited.