SPI Lasers

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At booth 1068 SPI Lasers will be presenting its latest products from both its pulsed and CW fibre laser platforms.

This includes the RedEnergy G4 200W EP-Z pulsed fibre laser, which extends the power range of SPI’s G4 platform with greater pulse energy, peak power and pulse repetition frequency. Combining these features with the G4’s existing range of pulses provides a high flexibility across a number of applications, including high-speed welding, cleaning, cutting and drilling. It can be used to process materials including anodised/painted surfaces, ceramics, composites, gemstones, metals, plastics, precious metals and thin films.

Also featured will be the RedPower Qube CW fibre laser, which is offered in powers ranging from 300W-2kW and is ideal for thick cutting and welding applications, due to its pierce detection capabilities, which increase productivity and reduce wastage. It can be used to process materials including aluminium, brass, copper, mild steel, stainless steels, multi-layer metal composites, reflective metals and ceramics.