Toptica Photonics

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Toptica Photonics will present its innovative lasers in hall B2, booth 103. With the latest product releases, Toptica is able to offer a complete laser wavelength coverage from deep-UV (190nm) to terahertz radiation (0.1THz, corresponding to 3mm). These lasers support a multitude of applications in biophotonics and microscopy, materials and metrology and quantum technology.

Deep-UV wavelengths as small as 190nm are now accessible with Toptica’s frequency-converted diode lasers. By providing essential wavelengths like 193nm, 213nm or 407nm in pure cw TEM00-mode quality, the DLC TA-SHG/FHG pro is an ideal solution for testing and inspection or advanced material processing, for example lithography patterning for holographic applications. The new lasers provide the necessary power levels that are required for these applications. On top of that, they are much easier to handle at considerably lower operating costs.

Semicon inspection or Raman applications at 266nm are supportedby Toptica’s new TopWave 266. This industrial-grade, continuous-wave laser systems provides 150mW. It stands out with its excellent power stability, low noise and extended lifetime that is realised with a digital control architecture and an optimized, completely sealed doubling cavity.

Toptica’s product line of tunable diode lasers now covers the full regime between 190 and 3,500nm. With the new MDL pro, these lasers become available in a transportable and compact design. It combines up to four tunable diode lasers in one 19-inch module with the same specifications as Toptica’s DL pro and DFB pro series. The digital low-noise DLC pro controller operates these lasers. Thus, the MDL pro combines excellent laser performance with the unique and easy to use standard electronic sub-racks. Such a transportable solution will advance the development of mobile experiments like optical clocks, quantum computers or sensors.