Zhejiang Crystal-Optech

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Zhejiang Crystal-Optech is a national high-tech enterprise founded in August 2002. The company’s products are used in digital cameras, mobile phone cameras, security monitoring cameras, computer cameras, semiconductor illumination, micro projectors, smart glasses, road traffic marking and safety protection.

The sales volumes of its two leading products: an optical low-pass filter (OLPF) and an infrared cut filter (IRCF) are among the highest in the world. The company supplies many leading enterprises in the digital and cell phone communication industries. 

Zhejiang Crystal-Optech uses precise optical cold working technology, super-hard material optical processing technology, precise optical films, semiconductor processes, coatings and embedding core technologies in the development of its products. In addition to the OLPF and IRCF, Its narrow-band pass filter, thermal diffusion panel, LED sapphire substrate, micro projector and reflective material series operate at a high quality level.