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21 February 2019

Andy Extance explores optical design for vehicles, including the headlamps that you’ve been seeing in your rear view mirror

11 February 2019

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is becoming faster and more effective, allowing the imaging of functional processes in tissue, finds Barbara Stumpp

10 December 2018

Shaping light wavefronts is improving many areas of microscopy – and is enabling Nobel Prize winner Eric Betzig’s most important work yet, finds Andy Extance

10 December 2018

Keely Portway looks at some of the latest advances in light-based test and measurement techniques

10 December 2018

Only two companies supply commercial 3D printing systems based on two-photon polymerisation, which can create structures smaller than living cells. Greg Blackman speaks to Denis Barbier from Microlight3D

01 November 2018

Imaging spectroscopy offers a powerful way to understand this world and others, and optical innovations are enhancing its capabilities, finds Andy Extance

01 November 2018

Barbara Stumpp rounds up the latest methods of cooling laser diodes efficiently

01 November 2018

The latest 400GbE demonstrations at ECOC 2018 showed potential for future use of high-speed optical transceivers. Keely Portway reports from the show

01 October 2018

As optics get smaller, simulation software is having to turn to new techniques to model optical systems, as Barbara Stumpp finds out

28 September 2018

Light therapies are coming to the fore to treat a huge range of medical conditions, from neonatal jaundice to dementia, as Keely Portway finds out

03 September 2018

VCSELs are known for their size, reliability, volume scalability and cost effectiveness. With more industries catching on to their potential, it’s no wonder the VCSEL market is forecast to be $3.1bn in four years, says Keely Portway

03 September 2018

Lithographic semiconductor processes using extreme ultraviolet light are set to enter mass production, writes Andy Extance, but must continue to improve