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A schematic of Coherent's adjustable ring mode fibre and the five basic power patterns possible within the focused laser spot (Image: Coherent)

14 October 2020

Greg Blackman discovers how emerging lasers with adjustable beam quality are improving quality and flexibility in cutting and welding

12 October 2020

Keely Portway takes a look at the latest developments in optical software for the biomedical industry    

Fibre lasers channel the and amplify the light through a fibre optic cable

16 September 2020

Keely Portway takes a look at some of the latest developments in optical fibre design for fibre lasers

In deflectometry, a camera images fringe patterns that have reflected off a surface under test, so that a system can deduce a map of the surface slopes from the deviation of the projected fringes, and from that determine the surface shape. Credit: Mahr

04 September 2020

Lens features have been getting too small to properly characterise – but metrology providers are catching up, finds Andy Extance

31 July 2020

How will the world feed 10 billion people by 2050 with no new land for agriculture? Greg Blackman speaks to machine builder Bühler about how optical sensing can maximise yield in grain processing

Investment is making lidar more accessible and cost-effective for the autonomous driving sector

23 July 2020

Keely Portway delves into some of the latest lidar developments for self-driving vehicles, and how these are proving beneficial in other applications

23 July 2020

New methods and instruments are building on impressive investigative capabilities, finds Andy Extance

16 June 2020

Progress is being made on entanglement methods that can work in mainstream telecom wavelengths, in conventional networks, finds Andy Extance 

16 June 2020

Andy Extance finds out how the SPEXS project is looking to extend single photon counting further into the infrared

12 May 2020

Keely Portway discusses advances in photonic integrated circuit biosensors for the detection of viruses such as covid-19

11 May 2020

Greg Blackman on the filters used in point of care devices for testing for Covid-19

11 May 2020

Having helped virologists understand their subject better, optical techniques are readying for their biggest test yet, finds Andy Extance