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04 August 2021

Keely Portway considers the latest miniature spectrometers for consumer and healthcare devices

(Image: Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock)

04 August 2021

Greg Blackman asks experts how fibre lasers developed between 2010 to 2020, as well as what advancements the future may hold for the technology

04 August 2021

More than ever, optics are critical to testing the cosmetic industry’s never-ending supply of promises, reports Rebecca Pool

18 June 2021

Advances in optical metrology equipment are helping the semiconductor industry increase productivity and reduce downtime, finds Keely Portway


18 June 2021

Andy Extance finds the pains and gains of laser light’s different behaviour in water for oceanographers using lidar

25 May 2021

Keely Portway looks at some of the new imaging techniques advancing biological investigation

Imec is using a high harmonic generation laser with anamorphic mirrors to explore high NA EUV challenges

13 May 2021

Semiconductor manufacturers want the next big thing: to adopt high numerical aperture lithographic processes using extreme ultraviolet light to print smaller circuits. Andy Extance finds out more


08 April 2021

Optical methods are helping defeat criminals seeking to hack biometric identification, finds Andy Extance

08 April 2021

With huge opportunities for light-based diagnostics and therapeutics to combat disease, successful clinical translation depends on funding robust trials – and greater trust between developers and end-users, finds Jessica Rowbury 

22 March 2021

Keely Portway looks at how some of the latest research into neurophotonics will help in the fight against brain disorders

Amplitude Laser supplies ophthalmic surgery instrument producers

22 March 2021

Picosecond and femtosecond lasers are moving beyond ophthalmology into applications including cancer screening and therapy, finds Andy Extance

12 March 2021

Spectroradiometry can help producers and users ensure UV-based virus-fighting equipment really works, finds Andy Extance