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Attosecond x-ray science could soon be within the grasp of not only the wider scientific community but industry as well. Image: Tau Systems

10 December 2022

Attosecond pulses have already provided glimpses of fundamental ultrafast processes. Benjamin Skuse asks: what might be achieved if access were broadened to the wider world?

Image: Shutterstock (slowmotiongli)

22 November 2022

David Stuart spoke with laser experts about the increasing power of ultrafast instruments, and the opportunities and challenges these present

15 November 2022

Anita Chandran on the commercial potential of quantum lighting

The ALD system could be used to coat complex augmented, virtual and mixed reality optics at higher efficiency

28 October 2022

Tim Reynolds speaks to Gerd-Albert Hoffmann, head of the Optics Integration Group at Laser Zentrum Hannover, about a new spatial atomic layer deposition system

Figure 1: The slow optical cooking setup: A silica microfibre filled with deionised water is coupled to two microfibers, MF1 and MF2, which are oriented perpendicular to the microfibre and connected to an optical spectrum analyser and broadband light source. The heating effect caused by the broadband WGMs is illustrated in red.

29 August 2022

Researchers are unlocking an exciting field of photonics development with optical microresonators fabricated at higher precisions than ever before

Optical technologies offer researchers a powerful new toolkit to explore the structure and function of the brain. (Image: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com)

19 August 2022

Advances in optical fibres and microscale LEDs are furthering neuroscientists’ understanding of the brain, Susan Curtis discovers

Robert Smith is a professor at the University of Alberta and historian to JWST since 2002

01 August 2022

As James Webb Space Telescope beams back images from the edge of space and time, space historian Robert Smith recalls some of the decisions made to bring the $10bn NASA project to fruition. David Stuart reports

Optical benches at Politecnico di Milano, the general coordinator of the Crimson project. Credit: Politecnico di Milano

20 July 2022

It can take a village to bring a medical photonics device to market, Benjamin Skuse discovers

Image: PopTika/shutterstock.com

13 July 2022

Raman spectroscopy has huge potential for use in medicine, as David Stuart finds out

3D printed Fresnel lens combining diffractive elements with refractive surfaces. Credit: Nanoscribe

29 June 2022

Benjamin Skuse investigates some impressive additive methods for producing polymer and glass optics for imaging

The space sector offers numerous oppurtunities for photonics technologies in the development and offering of satellite-based services. (Image: Shutterstock/Dima Zel)

14 June 2022

The ongoing commercialisation of the space sector is creating numerous opportunities for photonics technologies, Matthew Dale learns

Preliminary testing of the quantum gravity gradiometer designed by Michael Holynski and colleagues at the University of Birmingham, which has now been shown to locate an underground tunnel with a positional accuracy of 20cm. Credit: Crown Copyright

13 June 2022

Susan Curtis explores the new breed of quantum gravimeters finding their way onto the slopes of Mount Etna and into tunnels deep under Birmingham