01 July 2017

Matthew Dale finds that new fibre designs are being developed to enable more efficient and higher-power fibre laser systems

01 July 2017

Although not yet as established as other additive manufacturing applications, printing human tissue is poised to significantly advance the field of medicine. Rachel Berkowitz reports

09 June 2017

There are stringent requirements when designing sensors for autonomous vehicles. Jessica Rowbury reports

09 June 2017

The European Extremely Large Telescope project is well underway, and is stretching the capabilities of the optical industry, as Matthew Dale discovers

09 June 2017

Andrew Williams finds that optical technologies are now recognised as critical tools in the ongoing quest to test and identify contaminants in alcohol, and tackle problems related to the trade in counterfeit drinks

11 May 2017

Plants are being stimulated to grow or ripen with targeted LED light, which can be monitored by fast and small spectrometers, as Matthew Dale discovers

09 May 2017

The development of optical coatings for use beyond Earth is driving innovation, Andrew Williams finds

05 May 2017

Photonics systems are essential for making sure cosmetics are safe and effective, Jessica Rowbury finds

04 April 2017

Jessica Rowbury looks at how lens manufacturers are dealing with ever increasing image sensor resolutions 

04 April 2017

Matthew Dale explores how UAVs mounted with various photonics technologies are being used to explore hazardous environments

04 April 2017

Gemma Church looks at how software is helping to advance the design of various technologies such as OLEDs and displays

09 March 2017

Matthew Dale discovers what medical laser users are looking for to ensure safety in their clinics