30 April 2018

Optical explosive detection is set to help remove restrictions on the liquids airline passengers can carry on, finds Andy Extance

28 March 2018

Shrinking optoelectronic components and combining them with silicon devices requires careful consideration of thermal management, finds Andy Extance

27 March 2018

Matthew Dale discovers how scaling spectrometers down to the chip level enables them to be mass-produced in standard MEMS foundries, making spectroscopy more affordable for various new applications

29 January 2018

Matthew Dale discovers that smart lighting has a lot more to offer than the energy savings associated with LEDs

29 January 2018

Mark Venables reports on the work being carried out to get Raman spectroscopy into clinical laboratories and operating rooms, where it could improve disease diagnosis

06 December 2017

Manufacturers are increasing the power and wavelength of ultrafast sources used in live tissue imaging to aid researchers, Matthew Dale finds

01 December 2017

Jane Burgermeister reports on world-class neuroscience research that’s being advanced by photonics

01 November 2017

Televisions are receiving a major overhaul, Matthew Dale finds, with quantum dot and OLED technologies competing to give displays a wider gamut of colours 

01 November 2017

Jessica Rowbury asks whether diode lasers will one day take market share from the dominant fibre laser in materials processing

01 November 2017

Rachel Berkowitz on the latest developments made in photonic crystal fibres, optical fibres with unique light guiding properties

25 September 2017

Jessica Rowbury finds that not only is super-resolution microscopy improving in resolution, but is becoming more affordable

25 September 2017

Matthew Dale discusses some of the latest fabrication techniques, materials and optical structures being used in the field of micro-optics