April/May 2010

Missing out the middle man

Stuart Schoenmann, CEO of CVI Melles Griot, says there are plenty of benefits of working directly with photonics manufacturers

The search for new blood

Is the industry doing all it can to attract young people into a career in photonics? Warren Clark investigates

Scaling up

With construction on the European Extremely Large Telescope due to start this year and a number of laser fusion research projects underway, the need for large optics is growing, as Greg Blackman finds out

Organic growth

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at some of the applications for biophotonics, both in the laboratory, and elsewhere, and looks at the ways in which photonic technologies are enabling the life sciences

The fibre provider

IPG Photonics is synonymous with the field of fibre lasers, and has been for 20 years, as Warren Clark discovers

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