August/September 2010

Fibre fights back

Sinclair Vass, EMEA sales and marketing director for JDSU, believes that the fibre and telecoms industry now represents a huge opportunity for photonics companies

The changing face of microscopy

Light microscopy is an old tool, but now a range of new technologies and innovative applications have pushed the boundaries of what can be done with light microscopy. Stephen Mounsey looks for these developments in some unexpected places

Tuning light

Greg Blackman on the uses of nonlinear optics in OPOs and other laser devices to tune the light to the desired wavelength

As fast as it gets

As ultrafast laser research progresses onwards from femtosecond pulses, Stephen Mounsey looks at the cutting edge of attosecond lasers, and asks how to ready experimental lasers for the factory floor

Advancing by acquisition

Qioptiq has embarked on a rapid programme of acquisition and rebranding since its inception just five years ago, as Warren Clark discovers

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