August/September 2015

Extraterrestrial laser links

The recently launched Sentinel-2A Earth observation mission will transfer data via laser. Greg Blackman reports on how free space optical communication is improving data transfer from space

One for the road

Tom Eddershaw investigates the use of lidar in driverless cars and driver assistance systems

Driven by design

Although OLED displays are now available commercially, the technology has not been as prevalent in other markets. Jessica Rowbury looks at the potential for using OLEDs in other applications

Design for light

Greg Blackman looks at the optical setups of lithography systems and the software packages involved in their design

Asian shift in policies to impact photonics

A study initiated by the VDMA has analysed 'political steering processes in Asia aimed at the photonics industry' - with an alarming outcome. Annika Loffler of the VDMA Photonics Forum assesses the implications of the findings

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